Above: Napoleon Eugene Louis Joseph Bonaparte
the Prince Imperial of France

Mounted Woodburytype
photograph from
The South African Campaign of 1879

London Stereoscopic Company, London, England

c. 1880
Napoleon Eugene Louis Joseph Bonaparte
Prince Imperial of France

Carte de Visite.

London Stereoscopic Company
London, England
c. 1879
Left: A page from the
Duke of Cambridge's
guest or calling book  
bearing the signature of
the Prince Imperial
well as those of several
other notable
participants in the
Anglo-Zulu War

February 1879
Above: An oval die-cut photograph of the
Prince Imperial wearing his cadets uniform
from the Royal Military Academy,

c. 1875
Long after the Prince's death he still found a place in the
public imagination. This is reflected even in popular

Sheet Music
"The Prince Imperial Gallop
Charles Coote

c. 1910