It would seem that this real photo postcard is something of a rarity given that my preliminary research has been unable to turn up another image of a member of the Zululand Mounted
Rifles (ZMR). The unit itself was relatively short lived being established at the old mission station of Eshowe, Zululand in 1903 and then being absorbed into the Umvoti Mounted
Rifles in 1913 in the wake of the South African Union Defence Act which was passed in that same year. The ZMR took part in only one campaign - the Natal Rebellion of 1906.

This young trooper wears an early Wolseley pattern tropical helmet and outfitted as one would expect for mounted duty. His uniform appear
s to be wool - possibly in a drab colour -
with dark shoulder straps and patches behind his collar badges. These badges are rather unique in that they feature a rhinoceros. Below the rhino are two scrolls: one bearing the unit
title "
Zululand Mounted Rifles" and the other what must have been the unit motto, possibly rendered in Zulu - "Wa Thse Thsa".

Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
Natal or Zululand, South Africa
c. 1908
Left: A closeup of the Zululand Mounted Rifles collar
badge as worn by the above trooper. Here is it worn on a
dark colored fabric or felt patch .