This nice example of a pre-Boer War cabinet photograph illustrates some of the difficulties encountered while trying
to identify the image's subject.

In this case the soldier's helmet badge is clearly visible even if he has no identifying badges on his uniform. The
helmet plate center show the Prince of Wales plumes. This narrows down the regimental possibilities to two - either
the 1st Battalion, The North Staffordshire Regiment or 1st Battalion, The Welch Regiment. Both of these units used
the Prince of Wales plumes on their helmet plates. The complication that arises from this is that both battalions were
stationed in Natal during the mid to late 1880's. The 1/Welch were located in Durban from 1881-82 then in
Pietermaritzburg (the location of this photographer) and Zululand from 1882-86. The 1/North Staffords were in Natal
during 1887.

The photographer was active at this address from sometime before 1890 until 1898.

The odds would seem to make this man a member of the 1/Welch but this can only remain speculative due to the lack
of other evidence.

Cabinet Photograph
W. B. Sherwood, The City Photographic Studio - Photographer
Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa