One of a number of Cabinet photographs is the section taken at the Fane Studios all featuring the same rustic studio chair, this image depicts two troopers outfitted for mounted duty.
It is impossible to know if these tow men were members of a cavalry, mounted infantry or artillery unit or whether they were members of imperial or colonial forces. Both men exhibit
the variations in equipment and uniforms commonly seen in late Anglo-Boer War images
and this may indicate that hey were members of different units. I suspect that this may indeed
be the case.

The seated man wears a standard 1888/89 pattern bandolier in .303 caliber while the standing man in slouch hat wears a rather different style bandolier which I have seen photographs
of but have not seen described as a specific pattern. It may be one of the endless varieties of privately purchased ammunition carriers or a locally produced example.

The seated trooper wears a sun helmet which curiously more closely resembles the type worn by American military personnel during World War Two than it does the more expected
Wolseley pattern helmet.

Cabinet Photograph
the Fane Studios (E. Kyle)  - Photographer
Bloemfontein and Ladybrand, Orange River Colony, South Africa.
c. 1901