Something of an enigma, this Carte de Visite is inscribed to a Mrs. Sheppard  from her old friend "F. B.". F. B.  had
been previously identified by another collector as Fred Bucknall of the Natal Carbineers but the man in this
photograph does not look like the Fred Bucknall of the Natal Carbineers pictured (c. 1867) on Plate 3 of the Rev.
John Stalker's  
The Natal Carbineers 1855-1911. The above photograph also post dates the Bucknall image in
Stalker by quite a few years.

From the style of the photo as well as its card mount I would date this photograph to sometime after of the Anglo-Zulu
War (1879).  At first glance F. B.'s uniform appears very close to that worm by both the Natal Carbineers and the
Natal Mounted Rifles (N.M.R.). The uniform pictured here lacks the twisted white shoulder cords that were a feature
of that worn by the Carbineers, but not of the N.M.R. so I am going to assume that F. B. was a member of the later
volunteer unit.

I have still been unable find any definitive reference as to the actual identity of  F. B. even after consulting Eric
Goetzshe's work
Rough But Ready: The Official History of the Natal Mounted Rifles.

Carte de Visite
J.H. Murray - Photographer
Church Street, Pieter-Maritz-Burg, Natal, South Africa
c. 1880