After examining this photograph my first impression was to date it to sometime after the end of the Anglo-Boer War. The unidentified trooper wears collars tabs of the Cape Colonial
Forces (C.C.F.) and appears the wear the ribbons for the Queen's
and King's South Africa Medals. While researching the photographer in order to more accurately date the image I
found that all of the sources I could consult that mentioned him stated that he operated at the Regent Street location only between 1896 and 1901. This time frame would not allow for
the man to be wearing the ribbon for the King's South Africa Medal so perhaps one of the ribbons (they are indistinct) was for another medal such as the British South Africa Company
Medal for service in such actions as the Matabele War.

The trooper wears the crossed rifle marksman badge on his left cuff and at least two volunteer service stars on his right cuff. The C.C.F. collar tabs are clearly seen and under
magnification his buttons look to bear a Scottish thistle design.

The Cape Colonial Forces was something of an umbrella organization that encompassed of the volunteer colonial units raised in Cape Colony. Established in 1853 it was abolished with
the establishment of the Union Defense Forces in 1912

Cabinet Photograph
Lyddell Sawyer - Photographer
230 Regent Street, Westminster, London, England
. 1900