Above: G. Wright, is pictured here prior to his promotion to sergeant possibly while still a member of the Cape Mounted Rifles
although it is possible that he was already serving with the South African Constabulary during the Anglo-Boer War when the he sat
for this photograph sometime after 1900.  In this photograph Wright is wearing the ribbons for his military service as outlined by
friend in later life, Mr F. R. Bell
(below). It should be stated that as of this writing no positive identification of G. Wright has been
made in the rolls of either the British South Africa Company Medal or the Queen's South Africa Medal.

Wright had very extensive military career w
hich was described on the reverse of these two photographs by a F. R. Bell who was
personally acquainted with Wright.

His campaign highlights included:
Mashonaland with the Cape Mounted Rifles*
South Africa (Boer War) with the South African Constabulary
World War I (1914-18) with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force

*In his inscription Mr. F.R. Bell identifies this unit as the
Mounted Cape Rifles.

It seems that Wright received a Mention in Lord Kitchener's Despatch of 8 December, 1901 for
"...good work in the capture of
Commandant Malan at Olifantsfontein on 30 May"

Ongoing research has failed - as of this writing - to turn up any definitive evidence of Wright serving with the New Zealand
Expeditionary Force as mentioned by F. R. Bell. Was Wright from New Zealand originally or did he relocate there sometime prior to
World War One?

According the F. R. Bell, Wright later lived in North Walsham, Norfolk and died there sometime in the 1960s. Bell also mentioned
having been given Wright's medal group by his widow. Unfortunately that medal group became separated from the photographs
during the intervening  years.

Cabinet Photograph
S. King - Photographer
Bloemfontein, South Africa
c. 1901
Above: Sergeant G. Wright, (seated center) of the South African Constabulary is pictured here with two other unidentified
constables. Based on his rank chevrons, Wright
appears to have held the rank of Troop Sergeant-Major if the Constabulary
followed the ranking system used by the regular British cavalry at the time. Wright wears the ribbons for the British South Africa
Company Medal and the Queen's South Africa Medal in this photograph while the sergeant standing on the right wears the
ribbons for the Queen's and King's South Africa Medals. This would seem to imply that Wright was not entitled to the later medal.

Mounted Photograph
(on album page)
Unknown Photographer
Unknown South African Location
c. 1905

Below: A hand written note attached to the reverse side of the above photograph by Mr. F. R Bell outlining Sergeant Wright's
military record.