...to China during the Boxer Rebellion. The SS Maine became a Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ship in 1905 and took part in the Fleet
Review during King George V's coronation in 1911. She was wrecked with no loss of life when she ran aground off the Isle of
Mull, Scotland on 6 July, 1911.

There is little information about the artist Richard Quiller Lane available and the biographical information gathered here is
probably the most extensive. Contrary to most online sources Richard Quiller Lane (sometimes spelled "Quiller-Lane") was
not born in Ireland but in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England around 1849. His father, also named Richard was a customs
Official. He studied his craft at the Belfast School of Art between 1872 and 1875 and won several student competitions.

He married Miss Hellen Foster in 1873 at Nottinghamshire England. All of the couple's children were born in Belfast: Wilfred
Quiller Lane (b. 29 March, 1874), Vincent R. Quiller Lane (b. 1878), Mabel F. Quiller Lane (b. 1880).  

Quiller Lane seems to have entered into his professional career as a maritime artist while living in Belfast but later moved to
London sometime before 1899 probably because that city offered better professional opportunities. The family resided at 73
Hammersmith Road, W. London.

His works appeared in newspapers, magazines and professional journals such at the
Marine Review. He also produced
commissioned works for some of the major shipping lines including the White Star Line.

Richard Quiller Lane appears to have passed away in London in 1902.

Pen & Ink Drawing on Paper
9 1/2 Inches by 14 Inches
(24cm x 35cm)
Richard Quiller Lane