Cabinet Photograph
ames Edward Bruton - Photographer
ape Town, Cape Colony, South Africa
c. 1885

Although unidentified, this cabinet photograph depicts an officer of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Scots. The 1/Royal Scots were in South Africa from 1884 until around 1891, seeing action
in Bechuanaland (1884-85). The battalion returned with the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in 1899.

Photographer James Edward Bruton had ceased operating in Cape Town before 1897 so this photograph must date to the 1884-91 period.

This officer wears two campaign ribbons which appear to be those for the British and Turkish Crimean War medals. According to the 1885 edition of
Hart's Annual Army List the only
officer of the 1/Royal Scots who was entitled to the Crimean War medals was Lieutenant Colonel James William Hassell. Additional information such as a named image of Hassell would
confirm this officer's identity.