Postal Cover
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To Mrs. Linington
From No. 161 Lance Corporal George Linington
2nd Vol. Coy., 2nd Battalion, the Royal Hampshire Regiment
31 July, 1901

Appointed Lance Corporal on 24 October, 1901. He was discharged at the completion of his term of service on 12 June, 1902

During his relatively short deployment to South Africa ( 1 year, 59 days) Linington earned entitlement to the Queen’s South Africa Medal with
the clasps: “
South Africa 1901”, “South Africa 1902”, “Cape Colony”, “Orange Free State” and “Transvaal”. His service papers also state that he
was injured while on active service in a railway accident on Easter Sunday 30 March, 1902 at Barberton in the Eastern Transvaal. Forty-three
members of the regiment were killed in the accident and George Linington was one the about forty who were injured after the train’s driver
lost control on a steep down grade.
Postal Cover Reverse Side.
Above: The 2nd Volunteer Service Company, the Royal Hampshire Regiment in a photograph taken near Barberton just prior to the train
derailment of 30 March, 1902. Lance Corporal George Linington is one of the shirt sleeved men in this group. This image was taken from a
1902 edition of
The Graphic.