Signed by Fred to his mother on the reverse of this real photo postcard, this soldier identified himself as a member of the Eastern Mounted Rifles.

First raised in 1902 and headquartered at Standerton, Eastern Transvaal (Mpumalanga), the Eastern Mounted Rifles were commanded by Sir
Hugh Archibald Wyndham. The unit lasted until 1907 when it was merged with other Transvaal volunteer units to form the Southern Mounted
Rifles. During the 1906 Bhambatha Rebellion members of the unit were attached to the Zululand Field Force.

Although a relatively short-lived unit, the Eastern Mounted Rifles were rather splendidly uniformed.

Real Photo Post Card
Unknown Photographer
Transvaal, South Africa
c. 1905
Above: The reverse side inscription written by Fred to his mother. In it he mentions Ruby who seems to have been his wife as well as their
children. As no address is present and he wrote on both sections of the card's reverse this card appears to have either been mailed in an
envelope or included inside a parcel
Below: A closeup detail scan of the postcard. Fred had a crown badge above the trefoil braid of his right cuff seemingly making out his rank
as that of sergeant-major. Fred certainly filled the bill of sergeant-major.