Cabinet Photograph
J. W. Jacklett - Photographer
160 Victoria Road, Aldershot, England
c. 1898

An unidentified member of the British South Africa Company Police
(BSAC) wearing his corduroy field service uniform and the British South Africa Company Medal for service during
the Matabele Wars. He also wears a second medal which is only partially visible just under the BSAC medal. With a narrow ribbon and ornate suspender this second medal could be the
Kimberley Star. If this second medal is indeed the Kimberley Star it would date the photograph to sometime after 1900.

The photograph bears a dedication (below) in what appears to be German on the reverse side that I can only partially read but not enough to make a positive identification of this
Right: A detail showing the button
of the British South Africa Company
with its distinctive lion and elephant
tusk crest.