This dated signature of Major Gonville Bromhead, appears to be an autograph in the proper sense being that there is no
evidence of any other writing associated with it on either the front or reverse. So often these "cut signatures' are exactly
that - signatures cut from letters and other documents by collectors in years gone. This example seems to have been a
exception to that unfortunate rule.

He has signed as a Major which would tend to date the autograph sometime after 1883 when he was promoted from
Brevet Major. Old habits died hard and he has signed as a member of the 24th and not the South Wales Borderers which
became the regiment's designation after 1881.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in the famous defense of the mission station at Rorke's Drift, Natal
Colony, South Africa on January 23-24, 1879.

Bromhead died in 1891 from typhoid in Allahabad, India.

3 7/8 Inches by 1 5/8 Inches
(9.9 cm x 4 cm)
c. 1883