Remaining with the BSA during the Anglo-Boer War Gosling was attached to a considerable number of various units appearing in no less than
6 different rolls of the Queen’s South Africa Medal. He seems to have held his standing commission with the Mashonaland Division of the BSA
(Major) and was attached at various times to H Section, Pom Poms. RHA (Major), Bethune’s Mounted Infantry (Major) and finally transferring
as a Captain with the 5th Battalion. The Rifle Brigade on 4 December, 1901.

Gosling was entitled to the following clasps to his Queen’s South Africa Medal: “
Cape Colony’, “Orange Free State”, “Rhodesia”, “Natal” and
South Africa - 1902”. He was also entitled to the King’s South Africa Medal with it standard two clasps: “South Africa - 1901” and “South
Africa - 1902
”. Perhaps it was someone's oversight but since Gosling was entitled to the King's South Africa Medal he should not have still
been entitled to the "
South Africa - 1902" clasp to his Queen's South Africa Medal.

Gosling may have remained with 5/The Rifle Brigade until his death on Guernsey on 7 June, 1906. Probate records list his widow as
Ella Andrietta St. Aubyn Gosling.
This cabinet photo portrait of Audley Vaughan Gosling was taken whe he was about 21 years old
probably soon after his receiving a Lieutenant's commission in the 3/4 Battalion, The
Worcestershire Regiment in April 1886. He is wearing his battalion's mess dress uniform.

Cabinet Photograph (trimmed)
J Bennett & Son - Photographer
8 Broad Street, Worcester & Gazebo House, Church Street, Malvern, England