This young man does not appear to be the member of a uniformed boys organization such as the Church Lads or Boys Brigade nor does he appear to be a soldier's son kitted out to
resemble his father. Instead he simply seems to be using some military themed props that were conveniently supplied by the photographer. On the studio table next to him sits a
version of a foreign service type helmet that appears to have been painted white, On his head he wears forage type cap with a bursting grenade badge. Probably the most interesting
item in the photograph is the heavy saber the boy hold. The sword appears to be a model 1796 Light Dragoon Saber. Possibly a century old when this photograph was taken, this saber
looks very much as ancient that it may have been. The sword's scabbard and hilt show signs of pitting that could only be described as extreme.  

Cart de Visite
nknown Photographer
nknown, Probably British Location
c. 1900