Self identified simply as Albert, this you man appears to be a bugler for the Boy Scouts. Based on his pencil inscription on the card's reverse side, Albert had his photo taken
specifically as a token to be sent to his absent father who was then quite possibly serving overseas during World War One. The postcard was never addressed or stamped which might
indicate that it was included in an enveloped letter or possibly in a parcel. Albert's inscription is shown in the scan below but is also transcribed since as he ran out of room he flipped
the postcard upside down to complete his message.

Dear Daddy, Just a few lines hoping they will find you quite well. I am sending a photo of myself. I will send the pipe next week which you asked for. I am going to save my money
and buy myself a bike. Sis has got one and has taught me to ride. With much love from Mum and myself from your loving son Albert.

One hopes that Albert's unnamed father received his promised pipe in the following week's post.

Real Photo Postcard
. Wills/Portland Studios - Photographer
5 High Road, S. Totterham, North London, England
. 1915