Sitting in a potting shed this man appears to have been costumed for some long forgotten amateur theatrical production.
Amateur theatrics where a very popular part of Victorian society and that man seems to have spared little in the way of
imagination when it came to costuming himself for whatever the part was that he was cast to play. He holds a homemade prop
rifle and wears a gate hinge tucked into his wire "belt". I assume the hinge was intended to parody a bayonet. Two large disks
hang for his tunic which one could suppose were there to represent campaign medal. He wears a real - although somewhat
shabby with age - other ranks 1877-81 pattern infantry tunic. His formidable facial expression is enhanced with grease paint
and would no doubt have sent shivers of fear into his on stage opponents.

Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location
c 1890