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Originally unidentified, I now believe this
officer in Egyptian service to be Captain
John Crum Grahame DSO of the Highland
Light Infantry while attached to the
Egyptian Army/Sudan Civil Administration
c. 1904.
James Thompson Hague
Medical Officer
to the
Sultan of Zanzibar
c. 1880
The King's African Rifles
Arab chief: "In this wilderness you will find only Allah's terrible whimsy."
                                                                                                                                           from the 1990 Bob Rafelson film Mountains of the Moon
Lord Edric Frederick Gifford V.C.
2nd Battalion
24th Regiment of Foot
Henry Morton Stanley
New York Herald
William Hyder Abdel Malek

Uganda Civil Servive

Uganda/British East Africa

c. 1899
Putting all hyperbole aside, William Hyder
Abdel Malek of the Uganda Civil Service was
indeed the son of a sheik - at least according
to his father’s 1870 marriage certificate.  
William was born about 1871 in Syria to
Abdelghani Hyder Abdelmalek a Levantine
subject of the Ottoman Empire and the
former Miss Eliza Agnes Morgan.

William’s parents had been married in
London on 27 May, 1870 and had returned to
Syria for a short time where he was born.
The family came back to Caernarvonshire
and the elder Abdelmalek* applied for and
was granted British citizenship on 4 March
1875. Although the precise social standing
within the Ottoman Empire that Abdelghani
held is uncertain it was without doubt of the
higher echelons since he is listed variously
with the Turkish honorifics of “
bey” and
effendi” as well as the afore mentioned
sheik”.  Abdelghani served in Egypt during
the 1884-85 Nile Campaign and was granted
the right by the Queen to wear the 4th Class
Order of Osmanieh “
in recognition of his
eminent services during the late operations in

Veterinary Lieutenant
Alfred Joseph Haslam

Army Veterinary Corps
Uganda Railway Service

Mounted Photograph

April 1888
The familiar origins of Alfred Joseph Haslam are
somewhat uncertain and after repeated attempts, I
have been unable to determine exactly who his parents
were. Based on the 1891 census of Scotland he seems to
have been born at Halifax, England on 27 November

He attended medical school in Edinburgh, Scotland
(New Veterinary College) graduating with high honors
in April 1884. He joined the Army Veterinary
Department in February 1885 and one short month ...