A superb study of a senior NCO of the King's African Rifles (KAR) taken in East Africa sometime around 1905.

This man probably served with the 2nd Battalion, Central African Rifles
(CAR) prior to this unit’s amalgamation into the King's African Rifles in 1902. He wears four campaign medals
the first of which is the Central Africa Medal w/ bar "
Central Africa 1894-98" earned as a member of the CAR, the 1887-1900 East & West Africa Medal which was only issued without a
bar for the M'wele campaign of 1895-96, the Ashanti Medal 1900 with bar
"Kumassi". (Both battalions of the CAR were represented at the capture of Kumassi) and the Africa General
Service Medal 1902-56 wi
th unknown bar.

A special thanks to Mr. Mark Reid, formerly of the Canadian Military Museum for his help in sorting out
the likely medals seen in this photograph.

Even at this late date t
he KAR were armed with converted Martini-Enfield rifles.

Unmounted Photograph
4 1/2 inches by 6 inches (11 cm x 15 cm)
Unidentified  Photographer
East Africa
c. 1905
Below: Another image from the same album showing a company sized unit of the King's African Rifles. The above pictured sergeant can be seen to the right of the white officer in the
second row.
Below: In this platoon sized unit our much decorated sergeant can be seen seated on the ground center between the two the white officers.