Cabinet Photographs
adam E. del Tufo - Photographer
angalore and Madras, India
c. 19

These two cabinet photographs by Indian born "Madam del Tufo". Of Italian parentage, Inez Maria Gibello (1876-1952) was one of the very few female photographers who operated in
India in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

The images depict two unnamed gunners of the Royal Artillery. The man pictured above wears his white tropical service dress with one good conduct stripe on his tunic's cuff. Of
interest is the very late style foreign service helmet which rests on the studio chair. The helmet features a very sharply squared off rear peak - a modification which was intended to
prevent the helmet from being pushed forward and down over the eyes of a soldier firing his rifle in the prone position. The helmet also has its sides cut away resulting in a high arch
over the wearers ears. This was probably done to facilitate additional ventilation and improve hearing of the wearer. Pristine white, the helmet also bears the brass ball and chin chain

The second photograph records the image of another unnamed gunner but this time the pictured man wears his khaki field dress uniform. He too wears one good conduct stripe on his
cuff but with the additional cross cannon efficiency badge.  His unadorned foreign service helmet rests on the studio chair to his right.