Cabinet Photograph
S. Borsinger - Photographer
ellington, Southern India
c. 1900

ased on the dark chevrons and good conduct stripes being worn by these three soldiers, they appear to have possibly been members of a rifle regiment, either the Rifle Brigade or the
King's Royal Rifle Corps*. Both regiments had various battalions stationed in India during the approximate time period of the photograph, but lack of identifying details prevent
knowing precisely which. While all three men are wearing khaki service uniforms, the high gloss shine on their shoes shows their desire to look smart for the photographer.

The single chevron worn by the rifleman standing at center tells us that he had been appointed lance corporal. Both seated riflemen wear two good conduct stripes and crossed rifle
marksmen badges. The man on the right also wears the crossed flag badge of a qualified signaler (see below).

The town of Wellington and its adjoining military cantonment is located in the tropical highlands of southern India.
Right: A closeup of the cuff badges being worn
by the seated soldier's on the right of the above
photograph. The two good conduct stripes
denoted six years exemplary service. The
crossed rifle badge shows his qualification on
the rifle range. The crossed flags signal (pun
intended) his standing as a qualified signaler.
*These chevrons could also be red which was worn at times by other line infantry regiments on khaki service dress.