312 Sergeant William Tindall Meldrum, 16th Lancers photographed with his beautiful but unnamed wife and their
young native servant Jumbo in Bangalore, East India in March of 1865. The sergeant looks off camera in a device
used commonly in photographs of this era while his wife takes a contemplative pose but it is Jumbo who steals the

The inscribed reverse addressed to a Miss Butts is shown below.

William Tindall Meldrum was born at Cupar, Fife, Scotland around 1840. He enlisted in the 16th Lancers in April 1858
at the age of 18 with his trade given as a clerk. He served in India with his regiment for over 11 years with a total with
the colours of 21 years, 48 days.

He was promoted Corporal on 6 May, 1863
Sergeant on 28 June - 1865
Reengaged - 16 July, 1869
Troop Sergeant Major - 15 December, 1873

He received Good Conduct Pay on 17 April, 1861, again on 17 April, 1866, 2 June, 1870, 17 April, 1874 and finally on
17 April, 1879.

When Meldrum mustered out of the regulars after the end of his second engagement on 8 July, 1879 he was listed as
being in the possession of the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal with a £5 gratuity. His papers also state that
"He has never been tried nor entered in the Regimental Defaulters Book". Meldrum was a model NCO by all

His service papers states that Meldrum seconded to the Denbighshire Yeomanry (Hussars) on
22 June, 1877.

William Tindall Meldrum is shown as a 40 year old Staff Sergeant with the Denbighshire Yeomanry (Hussars) in the
1881 Census of  Wales.  Here his wife's name is given as Harriet. She is listed as being only 23 years old and this
would by all appearances make her to be a second spouse and not the still unidentified first wife pictured in the above
carte de visite.  Meldrum married Harriet Ann Kent, then 17 years old, on 15 September, 1874 while his regiment was
stationed at Secunderabad. Also listed in the 1881 Census are three children: William, age 5, Barbara, 3 and Alice, 11

William Tindall Meldrum died in Denbighshire in 1890.

Carte de Visite
Unknown  - Photographer
Bangalore, East India
March, 1865