Dated 1877, this carte de visite depicts No. 2673 Sergeant John Madden of the 4th Battalion, 60th Rifles. He served in
"E" Company and died of unknown causes on 26 September, 1880. He inscribed his name on the reverse of the
photograph on 15 March, 1880 not long before his death. A later hand added additional details in pencil on the reverse
including his death date of 26 September 1880.

Madden's service records were destroyed after his death - a normal practice for deceased soldier's records it seems.
British India Office Ecclesiastical Returns for deaths and burials confirm Sergeant John Madden of the 4th/60th
Rifles dying of enteric fever on 26 September, 1880 an being buried the next day at Dugshai Cemetery. He was 26
years old at the time of his death.

Carte de Visite
H. W. Loof. - Photographer
Mussoorie, India