Carte de Visite
Ritter & Molkenteller - Photographer
Bombay and Poona, India
c. 1870s

...indicate his rank or to which regiment or service he may have belonged to. About the only clue are his twisted gold braid shoulder cords and although these were used by various
British units at the time for some reason I suspect he may have been a member of the Royal Engineers.

The photograph itself is of an oval vignette type that has also been embossed as can be seen in the above scan although the embossing is slightly out of register with the rest of the

Gazing into an unknown distance this soldier in many ways epitomizes the stalwart men who as Peachy Carnehan reminds the District Commissioner in the
Man Who Would Be King
that is was men like this
"...that built this bloody Empire *and* the Izzat of the bloody Raj.."