A family photo of a Sergeant of rifles (possibly from the Rifle Brigade) with his wife and daughter. Although slightly damaged
by a crease running though the image this photograph is none the less beautiful depiction of a late Victorian military family.
The little girl was without a doubt the pride and joy of this happy looking couple.

Cabinet Photograph
T. Winter -  Photographer
Murree & Pindee, India
c. 1900
Left: A detail of the above photograph
highlighting the centerpiece of this
remarkable glimpse into the past.
Above: A second cabinet photograph of the same family taken during the same photo session. Although a fine
portrait it lacks the remarkable magic inherent in the first image. Note that none of the sitters are smiling in this
image. This second image was found several years after the first photograph and purchased from a different
source. The two images have been reunited here after well over 100 years.

Cabinet Photograph
T. Winter - Photographer
Murree & Pindee, India