Left: A detail from the above photograph showing
the unidentified cavalryman. The image has been
inverted. He appears to be wearing the mail
shoulder chains  common to cavalry regiments at
the time.
A picture within a picture but not quite two for the price of one.

This unidentified private of the 1st Battalion, the South Wales Borderers holds a cabinet photograph of what
appears to be a cavalryman with chain mail shoulder straps.

The private wears one Long Service & Good Conduct Stripe on his left sleeve. The stripe appears to be temporarily
attached to the sleeve. This practice seems to have been commonplace in India and other tropical locations and
seems to imply that these insignia were not worn on a daily basis but were relegated to more formal occasions - like
having one's portrait taken. Removable insignia would also have facilitated the frequent laundering of uniforms
required in tropical environments.

Cabinet Photograph
George Dean - Photographer
Rawalpindi & Murree, India
c. 1902