A veteran of Kitchener's Sudan Campaign, this private of the 1st Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regiment wears The
Queen's Sudan Medal and the Khedive's Sudan Medal with one clasp. This clasp could be either that for "
" or "Khartoum" (Omdurman).

This soldier may be Private James Topliss of the 1st/Lincolnshire. This possible identification was kindly provided
by Mr. Kevin Nickolls who is James Topliss' great grandson. Nickolls' bases his possible identification on a very
strong resemblance between family photos of Topliss and the man in this photo.  

Examining the service papers for No. 4047 Private James Topliss (who attested under the alias George Wilson)
shows him to be entitled to both the
"The Atbara" and "Khartoum" clasps for his Khedive's Sudan Medal. This
would seemingly rule out the possibility of the man in this photo being James Topliss unless these two particular
clasps for the Khedive's medal were issued separately at different times.

Cabinet Photograph
S. Frankel "The English Studio" - Photographer
Trimulgherry, India
c 1900