Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
c. 1880s

This carte de visite is one of those photographs that cry out for more of a story, but sadly little more than that already recorded on the image's reverse side will probably ever be known
about its subject. Bold
ly inscribed (possibly in autograph) on the carte's reverse side is the subject's name Paulo Sebastiano de Souza. Beneath is a longer but much fainter pencil
notation which reads:
"A really good and honest servant. Entered my employ Sept/70 & served with me through Afghan War."

This inscription indicates the de Souza was the personal servant of a British Officer who took part in the Second Anglo-Afghan War.  Unfortunately, the inscribing officer fail to identify
himself, an omission which sever
ely limits possible further research into the subject. About all that can be additionally gleaned from the image is from de Souza's name, which would
appear to possibly indicate that he had origins in Portugal's Indian enclave of Goa.