An unidentified officer possibly of the 20th Hussars. This association with the 20th Hussars is tentative and based
upon the fact that among the various Hussar regiments in India during the 1890-1900 period (these include the 4th,
7th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st) only the 20th appears to have been stationed in Bombay for any length of
time. This by no means precludes other regiments or members thereof from having been in the city during this time.
The officer - possibly a colonel, it is hard to determine how many devices he has on each shoulder - wears four
medals: a single clasped 1854 India General Service Medal, A single clasp Egypt Medal, the Turkish Order of
Medjidie and the Khedive's Star.

Checking the Army List for 1885 I have been unable to find any officer of Hussars who was authorized this specific
medal group which probably means that he served with another unit prior to joining his specific hussar regiment. A
search of a latter issue of the Army List - 1890 or 1900 - may help to identify this officer

Cabinet Photograph
P. Vuccino & Co. - Photographer
Medow Street Fort, Bombay, India
c 1900