He received a second Mention in Despatches on 25 February, 1898 from Major-General Sir Bindon Blood where he again served as ordnance officer on
staff with the Buner Field Force.

The above Bourne & Shephard cabinet photograph depicts then lieutenant Leonard George Watkins in field dress in 1886 after his appointment to the
Indian Ordnance Department. This appoinment is probably the reason why his foreign service helmet on the table in the left of the photo bears a spike
instead of the more usual ball found on Royal Artillery helmets. Although is seems the Watkins remained in the Royal Artillery for his entire career it
was while seconded to the Indian Ordnance Department.

No evidence of Watkins marrying had come to light. He died on 4 February, 1914 on Malta - probably on his way home to England - and was buried
there at the Ta'Braxia Cemetery.

Below: The inscribed reverse of the above photograph.

Cabinet Photograph
Bourne & Shephard - Photographer
Bombay, India