John Simpson Conder of the 14th King's Hussars is pictured with his servant. This image when closely examined is
shown to be a copy of another older image that was taken in India between 1877 and 1880 while the 14th Hussars
where stationed in Secunderabad. On the reverse of the image is a period ink inscription that reads : "
John S. Conder
son of John & Louisa. Died 1890. Aged 35 years".

This man he seems to be the same man who is listed in the 1871 Census for Stepney, London. The census lists John S.
Conder the son of John and Louisa Conder, 16 years old and by profession or occupation a "Traveller". A 19
January, 1880 marriage record for Christ Church, Spitalfields, Tower Hamlets for John Simpson Conder, age 25, the
son of John Conder marrying Harriett Potter age 24 the daughter of Thomas Haynes Potter. This indicates that
Conder married just prior to deploying to India. The marriage register also lists Conder's trade/profession as a

While I have not been able to find copies of Conder's service papers the register of discharges for the 14th Hussars
shows No. 1596 private John S. Conder  purchasing his discharge on 28 April, 1880 after serving 5 years, 74 days with
the colors. His conduct was listed as very good.

Carte de Visite
J. Penati - Photographer (Copiest)
Bishopgate, England
Original c. 1877-80,  copy c. 1890