No. 81586 Gunner George Thomas Sida of the Royal Horse Artillery is pictured here seated with an unidentified
member of the 17th Lancers.

Identified only as Gunner Sida on the reverse of the photograph (see below)  and that he died from being "
kicked of
" at Mhow on 3 July, 1893, I was fortunate enough to be able to find his service records based upon his less
than common last name. These same service records state Gunner George Thomas Sida having "
Died at Mhow of
contusion of abdomen with rupture of viscera.
" on 4 July, 1893 as the result of being kicked by a horse.

George Thomas Sida was born in Essex, England around 1872 the son of Edward and Eliza Sida. His enlistment
papers show him being 5 feet, 7 1/2 inches tall with a fresh completion, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

He served two years, 113 days at home before being posted to India with "F" Battery, Royal Horse Artillery. His
elder brother Frederick was also serving in "F" Battery at that time. Sida served in India for only 116 days - from
11 March, 1893 u
ntil his death on 4 July, 1893 (the date of his death differs between that stated on this photograph
and that shown in his service papers)
. This is a very rare case of a soldier who died while in service whose service
papers actually survived and where not destroyed after his death.

Cabinet Photograph
S. Jamsetji - Photographer
Mhow, Central India
c. 1893