This heavily mustached Colour-Sergeant of Fusiliers poses with his wife and infant child c. 1887. Clearly a member of a fusilier regiment, his shoulder straps seem to read at least in
"WF" which if correct would make him a member of the 1st Battalion/the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. The battalion was stationed at Lucknow beginning in 1887 and later took part in
the Hazara Expedition
of 1891. His medal would seem to be the 1854 India General Service Medal with the clasp "Burma 1885-87" clasp to which members of the battalion were

While both mother and father have followed the photographer's instructions and look away from the camera as was customary at the time, the baby has decided to break with Victorian
photographic protocol and look d
efiantly at the viewer. Under close examination the colour-sergeant appears to be holding a cigar in his right hand. He also wears a crossed rifles
marksmanship badge on his left cuff.

Cabinet Photograph
. Gay & Co, - Photographer
Lucknow, India
c. 1887