Wearing cuff bands which would seem to mark these men as members of the Garrison Military Police, this
photograph was taken sometime after the end of the Anglo-Boer War. The foreign service helmet in the lower
center of the image bears the badge of the South Staffordshire Regiment although I believe that more than one
regiment may be represented here. The soldier seated left wears the ribbon of the India General Service Medal
while the soldier standing right wear the ribbons for the Queen's and King's South Africa medals. Based upon the
look of the set dressing - the carved table and the elephant themed coverlet on it - it would appear that this
photograph was taken in India. The 2nd Battalion of the South Staffords was stationed in India between 1900 and
about 1907.

Standing at attention on the table between the bottles is a well trained black dog which would have in all likelihood
have been one of these soldier's pet.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
c 1903