Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location - Probably Mhow, India
c. 18

Of these nine, one – No. 1302 J. Taylor was apparently killed during the Anglo-Zulu War. Two, No. 1132 J. Clarke and No. 1290 R. Cousins, took their discharges at Cape Town before
the regiment departed for India and two, No. 526 W. Castle and No. 2244 W. Eda(?) had been detached back to the regimental depot at Canterbury. One man, No. 884 J. Barson was
appointed farrier major on 1 September 1880 so he could also in all likelihood be ruled out.

That leaves the following possibilities for the identity of the subject of our photograph: No. 2117 P. Flanagan, No. 1174 S. Holmes and No. 2064 M. Ross. Without more definitive
(service records for all of these men have not been found) it is impossible to narrow down the identity of the carte’s subject matter any further.

Note: Since the carte is unmarked in regards to location and photographer my assumption is that it was taken in India. If it was taken in Britain then the two men sent back to the depot
at Canterbury could be added to the list of possible subjects.

Also, a very faint pencil inscription appears above the subject’s head. If a name – it is very hard to make out – it does not appear to correspond to any of the above mentioned names.