Mounted Photograph (Album Page)
11 5/8 Inches by 9 5/8 Inches
(29.5 cm x 24.5 cm)

nknown Photographer
c. 188

Taken from an album, this large format albumen photograph depicts an interesting group of British and Indian officers, noncommissioned officers and other ranks and was taken
sometime around 1882. The date is based upon certain details of the uniforms worn by some of the British soldiers pictured.

At least two of the men were members of the 2nd Battalion/The King's Own Royal Regiment (formerly the 4th Regiment of Foot) with these being the officer seated in the chair third
from right holding his foreign service helmet and the private standing third row back third from left. The officer's helmet bears a flash with the lion badge of the 4th Foot/King's Own on
it while the private's collar badges are the same lion type. The private also wears the 1877-79 South Africa Medal for service in the Anglo-Zulu War. Interestingly his tunic is of the
1877-81 pattern while the Fusilier standing to the right of him wear the newer 1881 pattern tunic. The man third from tight in the same row also wears the earlier style tunic. This
combination of uniform tunics place the image soon after the implementation of 1881 reforms.

Besides the two above mentioned members of the 4th Foot/The King's Own several other units and services can be identified. The previously mentioned fusilier was probably a member
of the same regiment as the officer of fusiliers seated on the ground at front center. The man standing second from left, third row back appear to be a sergeant of the Royal Engineers.  
At least five or possibly six diferent (but unidentified) Indian regiments are also represented in the image. Five of the Indian soldiers wear campaign medal ribbons on their tunics while
the Indian officer who is seated in he chair second from right wears a miniature medal - probably that of the 1854 India General Service Medal.

What brought this varied group together is impossible to say but given the variety of ranks and units my guess is that they may have been taking part in training exercises of some sort.
Above: A detail of the group photo shown the private of the 4th Foot/The King's Own standing center left wearing his campaign medal of the
Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.