An unmarked cabinet photograph depicting the grave of No. 2248 Band Sergeant Albert John Warren of the 1st Battalion, the
Gloucestershire Regiment. Inset within the larger photo of Sergeant Warren's grave is a smaller image of Sergeant Warren
himself. He wears the ribbon for the Queen's South Africa Medal
and was entitled to the clasps "Orange Free State" and
Defense of Ladysmith". The inscription on his monument appears to indicate that Warren served in both the 1st and 2nd
battalions of the regiment.
The photograph was probably taken at the request of his battalion as a memento for Warren's
family who would probably never have the opportunity to visit his grave.

Warren, along with the 1/Glosters redeployed to Ceylon in August 1900 with their primary duty being the guarding of Boer
POWs who where being held on the island. The battalion's headquarters company and six others were stationed at Colombo.
As a band sergeant
, Warren was probably attached to the headquarters company.

The photograph was taken at a cemetery in Colombo, Ceylon sometime after Warren's death there on 26 December 1902.
Based on his stated age on the grave monument he must have been born about 1874.

Record of Deceased Soldiers' Effects gives Warren's birthplace as Birmingham. Also stated is his enlistment date of 11
January 1888. His father Edward is list
ed as the beneficiary of some £35/7.

Based on the above entry it appears that Albert was the son of Armourer Sergeant Edward Warren and his wife, June or Jane.
Interestingly, an 1874 baptismal registry for Birmingham which appears to show Albert being baptized on 19 June 1874 lists a
brother Henry James being baptized on the same day. It seems that Albert and H
enry may have been twin brothers.  

Below is an enlarged detail of Sergeant Warren which reveals the mouth piece of his clarinet.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown  Photographer
Colombo, Ceylon
c. 1903