Tyssen Holroyd received the Crimean War Medal with clasp "Sebastopol", the Turkish Crimean Medal and the Indian Mutiny
Medal with clasp "

Other overseas service included Malta (March 1862 - October 1863), Gibraltar (October 1863 - June 1866), Canada (July 1866 -
October 1867) and India again (April 1868 - November 1869). He reappears in March 1875 as a Captain and Honorary Major in
the 3rd Volunteer Battalion (Essex Militia) Essex Regiment. Promoted Major & Hon. Lt. Col. on 26 April, 1890 and finally
Lieutenant Colonel on 12 August, 1893. He disappears from the Army List after October 1898.

Tyssen Sowley Holroyd  married Mary Ann Jane Corbett in 1872. I have been unable to find any children listed.

He died at the age of 76 on 22 May, 1914.

Signed Cabinet Photograph
Northlight Studio, William Gill - Photographer
Colchester, England