Avery nice Anglo-Boer War era portrait of a sergeant of South African Light Horse (SALH).

Curiously, all of the SALH hat badges that I have examined photographically appear to be individually hand made, perhaps by the regimental armourer.

He wears a combination of equipment. This includes the a 1901 pattern waist belt, which also holds his revolver’s holster while across his shoulder he wears an earlier 1882 pattern

A young Winston Churchill served for a time with the South African Light Horse during the war.

Mounted Photograph
5 Inches by 7 Inches
(12.5 cm x 17.5 cm)
J. Weston & Son – Photographer
20A Sandgate Road
Folkestone, Kent, England
c. 1902
Right: A closeup of the sergeant's South African
Light Horse hat badge showing hints to its details.