Cabinet Photograph
Oldham & Angle - Photographers
11 Queen Street/8 Mersea Road, Colchester, England
c. 1880

An absolutely splendid portrait of an unidentified sergeant major of the 10th Regiment of Foot taken around 1880. Holding sword and white gloves he wears classic walking out dress.
His home service helmet bears the 1871-1881 pattern helmet plate with a sphinx at the center above the number 10. His belt plate is on the regimental pattern with the number 10
surmounted by the Queen's crown (see detail below).

Although unidentified as of now, given the rather unique position held by sergeant major's within a regiment there seem to be a good probability that a name may one day be tied to this
Left: A closeup of the sergeant major's regimental belt plate
which appears to be of the officer's pattern.