This rather rare ferrotype (tintype) of a private from the York and Lancaster Regiment was produced in the carte de visite sized format. This style was highly popular in the United
States at the time of the American Civil War but waned in popularity in the 1870s. The style was never anywhere near as popular in the British Isles. The solder wears the 1881
pattern tunic which places the image after Cardwell Reforms and although he appears to be a private soldier he seems to be wearing the ornate style belt clasp usually seen on
officer's uniforms. Only a portion of the photographer's stamp remains on the mounts reverse side remains but the partial address leads me to believe that the photographer was
Hartley Gosling who operated a studio at 3 South Beach c. 1885.

Carte de Visite Sized Ferrotype (Tintype)
Hartley Gosling - Photographer
3 South Beach, Blackpool, England
c. 1880s