Carte de Visite
Medrington's Ltd. - Photographer
29 Bold Street, Liverpool, Manchester, England
c. 1900

Above: Although unnamed, based upon the apparent date of the photograph along with they style of his uniform and the content of the prayer (reproduced below), it would seem
that this soldier died in battle during the Anglo-Boer War sometime between 1899 and 1902. He may have fallen in India during the same time period or perhaps during
Kitchener's campaign on the Nile but simply based on the number of casualties suffered in any of these three theaters of operations the Anglo-Boer War is the most likely.
Typed Prayer
4 Inches by 6 1/2 Inches
(10cm x 16.5cm)
Liverpool, Manchester, England
Above: Possibly written by the presiding minister or attending family member, the prayer was probably read at the fallen soldier's memorial service in
England - he was in all likelihood buried in South Africa where he had fallen. The rather unique characterizations made in the prayer about this young
man seems to present a window into his personality and well as the lens through which his loved ones saw him.

Below: The original studio glassine envelope in which the above photograph and prayer were found. Original envelopes like this example are very rare
due to the delicate nature of the paper and to the simple fact that most were simply discarded after purchase. That the prayer and photo were placed into
the envelope long ago, helped to not only preserve them but also guaranteed that they remained contextually associated.

Glassine Carte de Visite Envelope
2 5/8 Inches by 4 3/8 Inches
(6.5cm x 11cm)
Medrington's Ltd. Studio
29 Bold Street, Liverpool, Manchester, England
c. 1900