Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
United Kingdom
c. 1900

Cigarette in hand, this unnamed Royal Navy rating chose to have his portrait taken on the deck of the ship he was serving on. He specifically chose a deck mounted Maxim machine
gun to pose casually with. Unfortunately all that can be read on his cap tally is "HMS" with the name of the vessel being far to indistinct to read. While he would have remained
unidentified had the name of his ship been clear something of his naval career might have been discoverable. He wears the cords for a boatswain's pipe around his neck which may give
a hint as to his rating.

Interestingly the serial number for the pedestal mounted Maxim machine gun - No. 9039 - is actually readable in the photograph. Somewhere in a forgotten log book is the record
indicating onto which Royal Navy vessel Maxim machine gun No. 9039 was issued.