William Drummond Scrase Dickens. 20th  Regiment of Foot

Cornet/2nd Lieutenant/Ensign - 19 August, 1851
Lieutenant - 7 June, 1854
Captain - 20 February, 1855
Major – 20 July, 1858
Lieutenant Colonel – 25 March, 1859
Colonel – 1 October, 1877

Dickens served with the 20th Foot during the Crimean War beginning on 26 January, 1855. He was present at the
siege and fall of Sebastopol. He also served India during the Mutiny seeing action at Chanda, Umeerpore,
Sultanpore, the siege and capture of Lucknow, subsequent operations in Oude and the affair at Meangunge. During
the Mutiny he was Mentioned in Despatches.

Carte de Visite
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location
c. 1860