This beautifully executed pen and ink drawing was done by as yet unidentified artist in a style reminiscent of Howard Chandler
Christy or Charles Dana Gibson. The drawing signed by the artist with an initialed and dated monogram which is so small as to
make it almost impossible to read with any certainty. (See detail below)

The drawing has obvious sociopolitical under and overtones comes as it does from the age the women's suffrage movement but
as the whether the artist's statement was intended to be negative or positive it is impossible to say. Equally a mystery is the
drawings intended use. Was it done as a magazine or book illustration or for use as a postcard? It could also have been done
simply as a personal drawing by a professional or highly talented amateur artist. One thing is certain the artist whoever they
were while missing the reality of what women's military uniforms would actually look like in the future did accurately guess at
the ranks to which they would rise to in modern Western military forces.    

Pen & Ink Illustration with Watercolour Wash on Paper
Approximately 11 Inches by 8 Inches
(28cm x 20cm)
Unknown Artist
Great Britain
Left: An enlargement of the monogram from the lower right corner of
"In Days to Come". The monogram could not have been drawn any
smaller by the artist and it measures just over 1/4 inch (7mm) in length.
This make it extremely difficult to read with the date of "'97."  being the
only part I can make out with any great certainty. The bottom line of the
monogram could read "copy" which leads me to think that an unknown
artist or art student copied the work of another established illustrator as
an exercise. In any event I have been unable to find any printed example
of a work by this title or by another artist.