Looking very young, Henry Fludyer was already a captain in the Scots Guards when this photograph was taken
sometime in the early to mid 1870's.

Born on 22nd May, 1847 he was the son the Rev. Sir John Henry Fludyer, Bart. He was educated at Westminster
School and was commissioned into the Scots Guards on 29 May, 1866. His first action occurred in 1882 when he was
with the 1st Battalion, Scots Guards at Tel-el Kebir in Egypt. He also latter served with the 2nd Battalion in the Sudan
during the ill-fated Gordon Relief Expedition in 1885 and was present at the actions at Hashin and Tamaai with the
Guards Brigade that was sent out from England to reinforce General Graham's force at Suakin.

He commanded the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards from 1892 to 1896 and the regiment from 1st June, 1898. He was
created CVO in 1901. He was Gentleman Usher to King Edward VII from 1909-10 and to George V also being Extra
Gentleman Usher to the same monarch from 1919 until his death on 9 April, 1920.  From 1914 to 1916 he was in
temporary command of the Scots Guards.

His promotions were:
Ensign & Lieutenant by Purchase: 29th May, 1866
Captain: 21st August, 1869
Major: 19th December, 1877
Lieutenant-Colonel: 11 June, 1884
Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding 2nd Battalion Scots Guards: 11 June, 1884
Officer Commanding Scots Guards and Regimental District: 1 June, 1898

Fludyer was awarded the Queen's Jubilee Medal in 1897.

Fludyer married Mary Stuart Horden, the daughter of Alexander Radcliffe Horden, Esq., in 1891.

Carte de Visite
Hill & Saunders - Photographer
Eton & Oxford, England
c. 1870's