A sensitive portrait of George Sydney Carr of the 3rd Regiment of Foot, The Buffs, taken in Ireland sometime
around 1870. Carr was Born in Sedghill, Northumberland on 26 February, 1846 and entered the 2nd Battalion, 3rd
Foot as an ensign by purchase on 4 July, 1865.

Lieutenant by purchase  - 24 March, 1869
Captain - 11 October, 1876
Exchanged into the 82nd Regiment of Foot - 17 January, 1877
Major The South Lancashire Regiment (ex-82nd Foot) - 1 April, 1882
Adjutant in the 1st Volunteer Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment- 1885
Lieutenant Colonel
/Retired- 26 February, 1894

His dog's name is lost to history although it appears to be a Setter.

His overseas service included the West Indies from 17 October 1865 to 26 June, 1866, the East Indies from 3
August, 1868 to 22 April, 1870.

He was married to Rose Liptrott on 26 October, 1869 in Mussoorie India. They had two daughters, Edith Rose,
born on 11 August, 1870 and Mabel born on 17 January, 1873.

Carr does not appear to have seen any service in the field during his years with the colours.

The signature on the reverse of the photograph seems to match that on his service papers.

Carr died on August 22, 1905, in Reading, Berkshire.

Carte de Visite
J. Magill - Photographer
7 Donegall Place 7, Belfast, Ireland
c. 1870