Carte de Visite
E. T. Church - Photographer
55 Donegall Place, Belfast, Ireland
c. 1880
Captain - 1st Battalion,  the East Surrey Regiment (ex 31st Foot) - 25 October, 1884

Exchanges to 1st Batt
alion, the South Wales Borderers

29 January, 1887
Adjutant - 4th Vol. Battalion, the South Wales Borderers - 1 October, 1896

Major - 1st Batta
lion, the South Wales Borderers - 7 September, 1898

Retired Pay - 11 December, 1905

Reserve of Officers - 15 June, 1906

Brigade Major (Volunteers ) - 1st April, 1908

Vacated Brigade Major Appointment - 1st April 1910

Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel - 9th Batta
lion, the South Wales Borderers - 11 November, 1914

Transferred to command of the 57th Training Reserve Battalion - 1st September, 1916

Transferred to Battalion Command - 1st September, 1917

Vacated Battalion Command (Granted the rank of Hon. Lt.-Col.) - 20 November, 1917
It would appear that Gillman saw no active service with either the 31st Foot/East Surrey Regiment or the South Wales Borderers
prior to World War One. According to his World War One Medal Index Card, Gillman served at a Lieutenant-Colonel with the 9th
Battalion, The South Wales Borderers  and in command of the 57th Training Reserve Battalion during the war.

Edward Sylvester Gillman was married to Nora Frances Jameson in April, 1890.

An interesting side note can be found in the 13 October, 1896 issue of
The London Gazette. On the same day that Gillman was
seconded for service as Adjutant to the 4th Batta
lion, of the South Wales Borderers, a young Cadet from the Royal Military
College was appointed Second Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion. His name was Teignmouth Philip Melvill - the son of Lieutenant
Teignmouth Melivill VC of the 1st Battalion, 24th Foot who was killed while attempting to save the Queen's Colours in the
aftermath of Isandlwana during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.