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Lambert Weston & Son - Photographer
18 Waterloo Crescent, Dover, England
The officer of the 2/West India that Creyk exchanged with was Frederick Godwin-Austen who as a member of Charlie Pope’s “G”
Company would be killed at Isandlwana a bit more than a year later on 22 January, 1879 during the opening stages of the Anglo-Zulu
War. I am guessing at this point since I do not have Creyk’s o
fficer's papers in hand that Creyk may have been in Pope’s company prior
to the exchange with Godwin-Austen.

When I looked at the 1877 Army List and saw Creyk’s name listed along with Younghusband, Melvill, Porteous, Pope, Cavaye, Coghill,
Anstey and all of his other former comrades in arms I wonder how his decision to exchange may have affected his life in later years. It
could certainly have been one of those
“there but by the grace of God…” situations.

Nothing regarding Creyk's life after the date of his resignation has come to light.
Sub-Lieutenant, Unattached – 13 June, 1874
Lieutenant, 2/24th Foot – 13 June, 1875
Exchanges to 2/West India Regiment. – 24 November, 1877
Resigns - 14 June, 1882