This 'other ranks' 24th Regiment of Foot five button frock was made for the 1979 production of Zulu Dawn. With an all star
cast that included Peter O'Toole, Burt Lancaster. Sir John Mills, Simon Ward and Bob Hoskins, Zulu Dawn was a flawed film
and in many ways its faults are reflected in this costume uniform. Correct it its outward appearance, the frock displays an
unfortunate lack of attention to detail that could quite plainly be seen in the film.

Constructed out of a relatively light weight blend material, the jacket lacks the substantial appearance of that a proper
uniform grade fabric would have presented on screen. One author has described these 'uniforms' as having a wet nylon look
when seen in the film. The prop sphinx collar badges were removed from the jacket at some time in the past and the poorly
fitted green collar tabs clearly evident.
Left: The frock's back showing an overall correct
appearance though lacking the two buttons that
should appear at the top end of the rear skirt
piping. The jacket's light weight fabric and lack of
lining/padding result in a flimsy appearance that
seriously detracts from not just the costume but the
film's overall effect as a whole. Most major and
some supporting actors were supplied with higher
quality costumes but too many ended up with tunics
such as this example.
Above: One of the pebbled brass buttons that were
sued on these frock's in place of Victorian era
General Service buttons.
Above: Two detail photos of the Zulu Dawn frock. The shoulder strap displays regimental numbers that
appear to be some sort of iron on material instead of the metal numbers actually used. Additionally,
conical chrome buttons have been used to secure the shoulder straps instead of small General Service
buttons. The cuff detail clearly shows the light weight nature of the materials used in the garment's

Below: Two screen shots from Zulu Dawn showing the other ranks frock being worn by supporting cast
members and extras.